Web Hosting

A professional web hosting service is crucial for any quality web-based project. Our experience in web hosting services on GNU/Linux OS dates back to 2003.

Our web hosting infrastructure includes web servers, mail servers and DNS servers. All our servers are located in 3 major european server farms for reliability and speed.

For every managed domain name we offer antivirus and antispam services for email and a daily incremental backup service for your data.
For each domain we include access to a MySQL database and support for the PHP language.

Our hosting server is GDPR-compatible and includes a SSL certificate for the domain and backup services.

We also offer a Plesk manager for the web service.

We design and build full-custom web hosting solutions and our technical staff provides assistance on domain registration / transfer and any other kind of problem you might encounter during our services agreement.

We are a licensed domain registrar (CATNIC-REG) for the TLD “.it” to register .it domains directly.

Technical specifications

  • All our hosting plans include:
  • Domain name registration / transfer of a .it /.com / .net / .org / .biz / .eu / .info domain. For any other extension please ask for a quotation.
  • Email service with POP/IMAP/SMTP with SSL protection
  • Webmail service
  • Antivirus and antispam service for your mailboxes
  • LAMP servers (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • FTP access
  • SSH access for GIT use (by request)
  • SSL certificates (by request)
  • MySQL database support with PHPMyAdmin interface
  • Daily backup service of files and database, stored on a different server
  • Support for administrative and technical procedures for domain and websites transfer
  • Email technical support 24×7
  • Voice technical support 8×7
  • Voice / email support for email / web service log analysis

For Web Agencies and Developers

Necessarily, you will have specific requirements for hosting. Everyone does. And no one understands this more than us…
To this end, we will totally commit ourselves to you: contribute suggestions, discuss ideas and assist you in finding the perfect solution for your particular situation, like a custom plan or a dedicated server, and/or our reseller program.
By request, we install SSL certificates on your website and, possibly, allow a SSH shell for git usage.

Web Hosting Plans

All costs are plus VAT, when applicable




  • 1 domain name included
  • 1 under construction page or redirect
  • 1 email (50 MB)




  • 100 MB web space
  • 3 emails (100 MB each)
  • 1 domain name included




  • 250 MB web space
  • 5 emails (100 MB)
  • 1 domain name included




  • 500 MB web space
  • 10 emails (100 MB)
  • 1 domain name included




  • 1 GB web space
  • 20 emails (100 MB)
  • 1 domain name included




  • 1,5 GB web space
  • 30 emails (100 MB)
  • 1 domain name included

Additional domains

Any additional .it /.com / .net / .org / .biz / .eu / .info can be registered or transfered at the cost of €20,00 + vat / year. For any other extension please ask for a quotation.

E-mail upgrades

Apart from the mailboxes in your web hosting package, you can activate email upgrades at the cost of €10,00 + vat / year for each GB. The upgrades can be activated on one or more mailboxes, dividing one GB on multiple mailboxes or assigning more than one GB to a single mailbox.

Custom plans & reseller program

If you are interested in a custom web hosting plan, a dedicated server or in our reseller program, you can contact us at hosting@web42.it