Once a week, we try to meet, purely to study new technologies and to play.
It’s a way to experiment with new solutions and to constantly update ourselves in the ICT world, the speed of which is increasing with every passing second.

Sometimes we experiment with systems and technologies useful in our daily job, sometimes we transform our experiments into real projects, sometimes it is just unadulterated fun.

These days enrich our skills and keep our enthusiasm high. ?

Currently we are focusing our recreational efforts on mobile gaming and Raspberry PI / Arduino development. Exciting!

If you have a good idea to propose us, let us know! We will be happy to develop it with you. And, you can join us in the fun of discovery and creativity. ?

Lab activities


Video alarm

We are developing a computer vision alarm system based on Raspberry PI + PI Camera module and SimpleCV platform.

The system is currently able to detect movements, capture shots and send alerts via SMS / email.

Car shooer

We are cat lovers, but sometimes cats go where they should not… flower pots! The “Cat shooer” is a Raspberry Pi application which sprays water on cats that enter forbidden areas. ? Would you like one?


Do you want to develop a project? Write us