Full custom development

If you have specific needs that can’t be covered by existing software, contact us.
Our skills and experience allow us to manage complex projects from design to deployment and to offer continuous assistance.
We will analyze your scenario and merge different technologies (web and standard programming) in order to achieve the optimum result.
Our profound knowledge of the open source world allows us to operate in many different environments, from servers to mini-PCs like Raspberry PI systems

No limits

We will aid you in developing a detailed project. You need only provide us with an idea. If you are on the other side of the world, we can Skype or email. Or, we can meet each other in person. We will communicate with you in any way that best suits you. Insodoing, together, we can assess your needs and determine the amount of work required to create your custom software

Step by step

We will develop sketches and prototypes and encourage you to follow the project closely, so that every decision is shared and every unforeseen requirement managed.
Or, you can leave it all to us!

Never alone

The delivery of a project is not an end, but a new starting point!
We will always be available for you to adapt the project to new needs and upgrades, and support you in every way necessary

Write us to request a quotation